The Doctor (Sort of) Is in the House (well, the city)

Just wanted to point my readers over to Solitary Diner's blog because she currently is touring Philly!  We even got the chance to hang out Tuesday night.  And don't let her tell you otherwise--she was a secret weapon for trivia night, even supplying a correct answer for a tough two-pointer!

Also, she has a very cute haircut.

Do go read her accounts.


Blissful Sleep

I'm still not getting enough of it--so much to do before I head to DC on Saturday--but at least my sleep no longer is being interrupted by a crazy whirring sound in the middle of the night.

A little apology for wrecking my sleep would've been nice, though.



Will Lightning (or in this case Extremely Disturbing Noise) Strike Twice?

Heading to bed momentarily--super tired.  I have been up since 3:45 a.m.

Yeah, not of my own volition.

At that very early time, a loud whirring noise woke me.  It appeared to be coming from my upstairs neighbor's bedroom but I'm not sure.  I know a similar sound happened last week, and after a few minutes it stopped and I heard my neighbor walking around.

It gets that still in this building very early in the morning.

The problem this morning was that my neighbor is traveling, so it's not as if anyone can tell him to turn whatever it is (some sort of vibrating alarm clock? or an unmentionable item on a timer!?) OFF.

The noise blared nonstop until 7:15, which coincidentally is the time I usually leave for work.  Earplugs didn't cover it.  I gave up and put on early morning TV after a phone call to management's answering service.  Maintenance guy on call rang me to tell me it was a plumbing issue with vibrating pipes (are you kidding me?) and he'd let the on-site maintenance guy know.

According to the conversation with the building manager later on, the on-site maintenance guy disagrees.  So they have no idea what's causing it.  I did convince the manager to email my neighbor to see if he could shed some light on it.

But only time (specifically, 3:45 Tuesday morning) will tell if anyone has found an answer.

Sooooo tired.




More Work, Not Enough Cleaning

Making a quick update because those dishes won't wash themselves.

Taught like crazy this week, including a doubled-up period where I had both seventh grade AND fourth grade in the Library at the same time.  Somehow it worked out and everyone got what they needed.  I'd say, "Let's not do that again," but because my schedule is pretty bad I can't get any guarantees.

Working at the public library all weekend--ran into two students (nice little girls) today--and Monday night as a substitute.  Just racking up the money to cover wedding stuff and cat medicine, I guess.  I'm pretty tired and I have a weird health issue going on so I just want to soldier through it all.

Also, I'm trying to forget about bait-and-switch interview I had this past week.  I should have known something was up when they didn't tell me which school was hosting the interview until the day before. And even then, the school didn't quite match up to its glowing online stats.  Not only did the principal admit it was overcrowded but also that the library wasn't getting any use as an actual library.  No, they already had taken the library for "small group instruction" and expected a classroom teacher to run around to classrooms like a babysitter (with books) while teachers had their prep periods.  

No wonder the previous librarian is long gone.

Needless to say, I am disheartened a bit.  I've done some networking on Twitter and will be talking to a former school librarian (now happily employed elsewhere) to see how she found her niche--and how I can find mine.

I don't think I'm there yet.

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