Summing It Up

Let's see, in the past week or so, I have. . .

  • Been welcomed back to pilates class after almost three years (last Wednesday);
  • Been felled by a stomach bug (last Thursday, either from the pilates class or more likely ANY class of children I taught last week);
  • Wrestled with an upper respiratory cold/postnasal drip throat annoyance that everyone seems to have (all weekend up through now);
  • Attended a bridal expo with my mom while dealing with the aforementioned cold (Sunday) where I managed to snag the top raffle prize--for the bride, of course;
  • Experienced full-on rage towards the crappy, most-likely-beta program created by the company that supplied the prior year's Computer class lessons.  (ALL MONTH.)  The more I try to use it/have the kids use it, the more problems, bugs, and errors I encounter.  I don't know what angers me more: that we're paying for it and it doesn't work, or that it is sub-par and frustrating to use by my students.  I laid it all out for the person that oversees the program, and she has had enough, too.  We'll see where we end up;
  • Taken a certain Cat to the vet where she weighed the same (still under), scratched the doctor while he was trying to take blood (he said a bad word!), and ended up with a "normal" thyroid (yay) but a low white cell count (booooo).  Doc wants her off the thyroid meds but The Cat can't do any of the other treatments (surgery? radiation/isolation? NO!). He said he'd research natural remedies and get back to me;
  • Survived another pilates class (yesterday) after flying from school to the hair salon for fresh highlights which look awesome today;
  • Received an invite to hang out with Younger Sister over Columbus Day weekend (fun!);
  • Gotten a phone message requesting an interview for a position I'd thought had closed last month after I'd heard nothing following several calls/correspondence with the HR person. Go figure.  I am ambivalent but curious so I guess I'll call back and see what the story is.    

I guess that all this just means life is not dull, right?



And Did I Mention. . .

. . . I miss talking with you all and reading your comments and blogs?

It's true.

Hope to catch up soon. :)

Updates on- Well, Everything

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be Day 10 out of 13 days of nonstop work for me.  (Well, cantoring on Saturday isn't really work, but it is an obligation.)  Needless to say, I've been busy.

I'm at the midpoint of the second full week of classes, and things are going pretty O.K.  Computer's really the painful part right now, as there have been many changes thrust upon us, along with some that are still occurring.  One thing is that we're now using a cloud service, and that includes the students.  It has not been fun trying to get nine-year-olds to sign in and change their passwords (creating complex passwords, as required, is a challenge), and last week I couldn't even get them on the network due to a communication failure between the tech people and myself.  Oh, and there was a not a single meeting about ANY of this, save a general workshop for all staff, prior to the start of school!  So I'm a little tired of being pushed around ("Your class should set this up right away") and being told "yes" when what I'm asking for hasn't actually been done.

Can't wait for my first day off at the end of October.

The Cat is doing all right, still preferring lunchmeat to cat food, scratching up my furniture and occasionally bouncing around the living room.  The weather has been cooler, so that has kept her appetite up at least a little.  She even managed to catch and eat a bug last week while I wasn't home.  (Busted when she coughed it up at my feet.)

Speaking of cats, we almost lost the gray cat (pictured in this post) two Fridays ago, when it appeared he had a stroke.  It turned out his mouth and teeth were in bad shape--he couldn't close his mouth--because he has FIV.  He has been asymptomatic for most of his life, but this was a bad turn.  Mom's original choices from the emergency vet were to pull all his teeth (yikes) or euthanize him.  However, after she opted to take him overnight so her regular vet could euthanize him the following morning, the regular vet suggested pulling two problem teeth so he could close his mouth, and a course of antibiotics.  He seems pretty much back to himself.  I'm still a little sad about the FIV. I don't know if this means the other cats in the house have it or not. Might explain some unusual things, at least.

It's not all work and sad stuff, though.  I have been doing my trivia nights, and tomorrow I start pilates class again for the first time in about three years. Looking forward to getting in shape, although I feel self-conscious that my weight crept up over the summer, and I don't like being rusty at class, either.  But it's a step in the right direction.

Gotta try to improve where I can.



First Days of School & All That Stuff

So far it hasn't been completely crazy, but at the very least I've got a feast-or-famine class schedule (including two classes that have been double-booked with two of my co-librarian's classes!) and our printer refuses to come back online (must know what's coming).

My biggest "Yikes" moment so far was today when I went in to take care of a few things on my to-do list and realized that the one bulletin board I'm responsible for wasn't put up in June and covered, as for some reason I really, really thought it had.  So that's first thing on my agenda for tomorrow (Wednesday) morning:  Staple-o-rama before the students come in to pick up their books and see their classrooms.  The rest of the day will be working out schedules (and locations, apparently) and meetings.  School starts "for real" on Thursday.

I can't believe I'm here for another year, although I think I have been ready to go back to work, in general. In spite of the anxiety-induced nightmares I seem to be having every night.  Probably just a matter of seeing "what is" instead of wondering "how it's going to be."

I hope.