The Latest on The Cat

The vet and I are still scratching our heads a bit about the whole "not eating" thing, not to mention the traumatic ultrasound that showed nothing, but one theory we came up with was that The Cat stopped taking steroids abruptly.  Going "cold turkey" with steroids instead of tapering them off could throw the adrenal glands out of whack and make her lose her appetite.

So Friday she received two injections, one to calm her nausea and the other was a long-acting steroid.  I hate putting her back on the steroid merry-go-round, but if it gets her eating and settles the stomach/intestinal problems that started to crop up again, then fine.

The vet also gave the O.K. to increase the dosage of her anti-thyroid medication to twice daily.  And we brainstormed some things to entice her to eat, like chicken livers (yuck) or canned tuna.

It was a rough weekend.  She was back to her old ways of crying all morning, so I was not a happy camper at Mass and wound up taking a nap this afternoon.

I am happy to report that she enjoyed some tuna juice (liquid from canned tuna) this morning and afternoon, and tonight she even ventured into the kitchen to meow at me--probably didn't hurt that I had beef in the slow cooker all afternoon and the aroma is all over the place--so I gave her a little canned cat food and she took a few bites.  It seems to be staying down, so Hooray! 

I'll admit, I have been trying to make peace with the whole "If she doesn't eat she's dying" thing but it has been tremendously hard when there seems to be no real explanation for it.  

And part of me wants her to be here for her sixteenth birthday in a few weeks, you know?



Obviously I Cannot Predict Anything

But at the very least, I can say that it went well.  I wasn't sitting in front of a firing squad (table full of adminstrators) but rather just the principals of the schools with open positions. They were very nice, intelligent people, and seemed to be agreeable to my responses.  Here's hoping I get called back in to teach a practice lesson (yikes).

In the meantime--the Maid of Honor is reporting for duty.



I Think It's Time for Good News Friday

Here are mine:

1. Last night after I climbed in bed, seconds later I was surprised by a leaping purring thing--The Cat!  She curled up next to me and purred for a while as I was petting her.  That was the first time she let me touch her and didn't seem afraid I was going to stuff her in a carrier.  So maybe that means the medication is calming down her thyroid and she's feeling better.  She's still hiding out in the bedroom closet this morning, but she did come out for a few drinks of water and even licked a bit of cat-food gravy off my fingers already.

2. I got a call for a job interview, so everybody please say prayers and/or think good thoughts Monday morning.

Does anyone else have good stuff going on?  There's nothing that's too small to be happy about so please share! 



We're Both Wiped Out

She's the only nearly-16-year-old cat I know that can wriggle out of a muzzle and make a bee-line for the nearest closet.

Finally we caught her again but she leaped off the table as she was getting sedated, although whatever managed to make it into her was enough to do the trick.

So what did the ultrasound show?

Normal intestines.  Uh, what!?

The radiologist saw nothing out of the ordinary, other than she has a senior cat's kidneys (not surprising).  They even took a peek at her chest area and didn't see tumors on her lungs or anything.

I still don't understand why a cat with a now semi-clean bill of health won't eat, but possibly it's just that her thyroid really went whacko and needs to get under control.  That may take a few doses.  I also wonder if she has nausea from her high thyroid levels, so I'm going to mention that when I give the doctor a follow-up call tomorrow (Friday) as he asked me to do.  

I think the doctor actually was amused by The Cat's antics.  I mean, he let her crawl under the kennel (where three kitties of varying health status were napping!) to hide while the sedative kicked in.  The signal for that was when she crawled out from underneath and her back legs buckled.  Flop!  So they were able to do the ultrasound with little resistance.  Don't worry, she got her scratching in while they were shaving her, but at least she got only the technician while the cat who was in line before her scratched the doctor.

Obviously, I feel guilty that she had to go through all that.  I'm also a bit annoyed that it appears there's no lymphoma--good thing I stopped her chemo.  But what was all that?  She's cured? It was never there?

She hid and slept all yesterday afternoon and evening, coming out only to drink water and use the litterbox.  When I woke up in the middle of the night she was in her usual spot next to me on the bed, so that was a good "normal" thing to see.  (She probably is chilly with so much of her fur shaven.)  But when I got up for breakfast, she wanted me to leave her alone, so I just let her go to her different nap locations and I helped her take a drink when she was doing one of her "thyroid yells."  She's sleeping in the bedroom closet right now, and I'm just going to leave her be.

But I just hope yesterday's craziness is behind us and she'll start to perk up a little.  I'm still thinking maybe a shot for nausea and a shot of fluids might help her.  We'll see what the doctor says.  

Poor little shaved kitty.


The Cat's Not Eating

She's sleeping a lot, but still grooming herself and drinking water--even gets herself a drink while I brush my teeth for bed (where she hangs out with me until I fall asleep).  In fact, Saturday morning she went bonkers at the patio door because there was a chipmunk skittering across the patio.  (Updated to add: She also continues to scratch the heck out of my living room furniture.)

She sometimes asks for food, but then walks away right after sniffing or taking one bite, or sometimes even before I can get the food in front of her.

Since she hasn't been eating much I haven't been able to get her hyperthyroid medication into her, so that's not helping.  Maybe it's giving her a short attention span.  I did ask the new vet to order some of transdermal gel (Rob said they use it on their cat) because I figure I should be able to get it onto her while she's sleeping.

Still waiting on the blood/urine tests the new vet did, and as I mentioned before he also wants another ultrasound.  I just want to know what's going on with her--and whether to do something to "fix" it or just make her comfortable while we say our long goodbyes.

This isn't fun.



Among My Reorganization Tasks

I finally upgraded to a smartphone.  It was completely frustrating because I went in for one really awesome-sounding deal, only to find a hidden "line cost" of $40/month.  No way was I going to pay in excess of $100/month for a phone.

The solution was to settle for an older phone and keep my ridiculously small plan (300 min/month with free nights & weekends, grandfathered in) along with the extra five bucks I've been paying for a moderate amount of texting--with a modest amount of data added on.  I just figured I was tired of missing emails sent to my personal address during the day (no access at school), and I could be a "point person" for the wedding, what if I suddenly became popular (ha), that sort of thing.

Now I have an iPhone 4S.

What on earth do I do with this thing??? 



O.K., So the Grand Summer Plans Haven't Come Together Quite Yet

Still working on getting some things out of the way before I get to the "real" summer stuff, but little by little, I am getting there.

Catching up on Sleep: I worked on Saturday, so my first "real" day off was Monday.  I slept until 10 a.m., and I had no idea I needed that.  (Until I woke up and thought to myself, "That was good--I must've needed that!")

Getting Reorganized:  As in, weeding through some accumulated piles of (mostly) papers and finding that darn box of summer clothes containing all my "everyday" outfits. 

Taking The Cat to the (New) Vet: Well, she has responded to the treatment for her neck boo-boos; however, she has lost her appetite and about a pound of weight to boot.  Her thyroid is starting to over-rev again because she won't take her medicine.  As of right now, I'm awaiting some blood test results.  He wants her to have another ultrasound because--seeing a cat who looks pretty good for having been given a death sentence more than two years ago--it's probably not cancer and he'd like to figure out what is going on with her.  I would, too.  I mean, if she's going to be around for a while, I'd like to help her feel good.

Cat-Sitting: My parents took a short trip to visit my great-aunt and also Younger Sister and Younger Sister's Fiance.  I fed the cats and catered to all their other needs.  This guy here was happy to hang out with me the first day, but after that he was kind of miffed to see me walking through the door (not Mom).

Spoiled rotten: He's got control of the sofa AND the remote.

Other Stuff: I have a couple of thank-you notes to write to some students who gave individual gifts, some books to finish reading (this one is more like a workbook, but really good), and some summer fun to plan.

My summer's just getting warmed up.



The Eve of the Last Week of School

Holy cow--it's really here.  Finalized my grades last Friday and the books from the summer reading book sale (ugh) are packed up.

Is the money from the sale counted? No.

Is my desk clear? No way.

Did I fill out all the award certificates, some of which are for a Wednesday morning event? Not yet--they're on my desk.

Those are the big "to do" items this week.  And chasing down the last two students who have been blowing off their overdue book fines.  I issued one final threat on Friday (no field day participation, and most students live for that day) and sent e-mails home stating the same.

So, I'll probably be fielding parental responses Monday morning.

But first: Monday faculty/staff meeting.

Those crazy kids have the day off!