Easter Vacation at Last

Whew! 24 hours later and I'm finally feeling as if I'm on vacation now.

So what have I been up to?

1. Work.
  • I got to "teach" a workshop session at our professional development day last week.  I know the powers that be are trying to make sure they're getting their money's worth out of the tech program they purchased.  Oh, and out of me as well. (That said, they just paid for my CPR training and certification but I'm hoping they're not expecting me to make use of it anytime soon.)
  • Really concerned about the student teams I have going into this reading competition.  They just seem really un-motivated despite the coaches' best efforts.  They're supposed to meet certain requirements, but there's not much for me to enforce except to tell them that they'll reap what they sow (or don't).  I mean, maybe they'll do fine, but I don't want to get blamed if they don't come home with top honors.
  • Speaking of blame, it always makes me nervous when we get into the home stretch of the school year.  Will I be told I still don't do enough? 

2. Cat Care.
  • The Cat's "boo-boos" are starting to look much better.  The one on her tail looks like just a little scratch now--although it looks as if her tail is dented, because the vet buzzed the fur around it to help it heal.  Her neck one is much smaller than it used to be, and she doesn't seem to be fussing with it as much as she had been earlier.  I guess the salve helped.
  • For some strange reason, lately she's been screaming her head off inside the apartment just as I'm arriving home.  As in I can hear the cries the minute I'm out of the stairwell.  (Probably because now my car is so friggin' loud.)  So I just throw my stuff down, open the door and walk to the lobby to get my mail.  She has dared to venture out the door, and while I figured that if a neighbor walked in the front door or stepped out of the elevator, it would startle her back home--but oh, NO.  She stares and them and they say she's CUTE.  So apparently now she likes going out to get compliments, too!

3. Reading and Watching Stuff.
  • I treated myself to a local movie theater's showing of the recording of The Royal Opera's live broadcast (in the U.K.) of La Boheme.  It was fantastic.  Even the fact that it was recorded and shown on a screen didn't stop it from being tremendously moving--I laughed, I sighed, I cried.  The behind-the-scenes clips were interesting, too.  (To get an idea of what they were like--here's a video of the conductor and two singers--those two were not the players in the broadcast we watched, and our clips were shorter.)  I want to go back for a few more of those screenings.
  • I also watched Frankenweenie (too scary and sad for me, not funny enough, and baffled by the ending), and read DATA, A Love Story by Amy Webb.  I could not put down that book.  Engaging, smart, sad and thoughtful by turns. . . and definitely got me thinking.  And planning.  More on that soon, I promise.

It's Holy Week, so I'm doing the church thing tomorrow and won't be online.  (I fast from TV, radio, and online activity for Good Friday.)  I have to get my things together for Easter as well (do I know what I'm cooking or wearing? Not yet!) so things might be quiet until Monday.  I don't have to be at school on Monday.

Gosh, that sounds nice.

Happy Easter! 


About All I Did to Celebrate St. Patty's Day. . .

. . . was clean my living room, do some planning (which I will discuss in my next post), and fix myself a Vegan Shamrock Shake.

Yes, there's a wee bit o' spinach in there!



Round Two at the Vet

Well, The Cat's boo-boo on her neck did not seem to be healing up and in fact looked raw earlier in the week, so I hauled her back in last night.  It was a quieter trip as well as a calmer wait this time (no one else in the waiting room).

She still loudly expressed how much she hated anyone who tried to come near her, however.

The doctor finally got a good look at the wound and figured out that The Cat had scratched it (with the untrimmed claws on her back feet)--it was trying to heal, but sometimes things itch when they are doing so.

We figured we'll try one remedy at a time: her claws were trimmed, and I got a salve to apply.  If she's still scratching it, I either need to put those soft paw caps on her claws, or have to put a shirt or some other cover on her.

I have a feeling if I attempted either, she'd shred me!



Working on a Few Things

I'm at the point where so much is going on but so little is getting done--but things are starting to give way a bit.  That might sound cryptic, but I'm just hopeful that quite possibly the universe will give me a freakin' break sometime in the future.

One thing I definitely need to get done is trimming The Cat's claws.  See, it usually gets done at her vet visit; however, last week's check-up went really wrong.  Oh, she's fine--she just really blew her fuse after we got there at 6:30 and they were three patients behind.

Doggie patients.

I knew it was going to go downhill fast when only minutes after we arrived, a woman drops her dog's leash to pay and doesn't step on it--so the dog makes a beeline for the cat carrier!  Thanks a ton, lady.

Then, it's another hour in the waiting room with a rambunctious (but harmless) pit-bull mix with a female Disney character's name.  Oh, the barking.  Not music to our ears.

As you can imagine, by the time it was The Cat's turn, she wasn't having any of it.  She snapped at the tech, and then at the doctor.  She needed a blood test, so she had to get muzzled which I think is a first.  (Steroid rage may have played a part.)  I do believe there also were three staff members needed to handle her.  Poor PO'd kitty.  In the midst of all this--and the fact that it was getting on to 8:00--her claw-trimming was missed.

So she accidentally scratched my cheek while patting my face Saturday morning (her wake-up call).  It's a tiny mark but she drew blood.  I'm on the fence about hauling her back in, but claw-trimming is a two (plus) person job.

I gotta work on figuring that how (and when) to get that done, without traumatizing her.  Or me.

If anything, I'm working on minimizing my traumas and getting on with thriving in the face of--well, whatever life is handing me.  

It still feels like quite a few lemons, so I guess I'm working on lemonade.  I'll let you know if it's any good.



Funny How I Just Bought a New Purse. . .

. . . and then another lands in my lap, via raffle ticket!

Not bad for $10 in raffle tix, huh?

It's very pretty, but for reasons of practicality it's not going to be my everyday bag--I'm using the metallic-chic, more economical one I bought while out with Sara for that.

Well, I am officially done with the fundraiser trivia circuit (all on different teams, with a "bowl" mixed in there too) until the summer, and there are mixed results.  The two I played in January my teams won; the most recent two I played, including last night's, were losses.  I'm a little bummed but I had a good time--and it was kind of fun seeing another team happy to win.

And then I went home to go play with my new purse.  So there!




And the Grand Experiments Continue

Experiment #1: Change The Cat's Litterbox.

What happened: I placed the new litterbox next to the old one for a couple of days for The Cat to check out.  She mostly ignored it.
Then I swapped the boxes so that the new one was in the "right" position.  After a little while, she decided it was cool to whiz in it, but nothing else.  I was afraid she'd take her "business" elsewhere (i.e. my BED) as I followed the advice to let the old box stay un-scooped.

Result: After about a week (which was about all I could stand), she adopted the new box completely.  My only mistake was I wasn't clear on how often I needed to change the absorbent pads and wound up with a near-overflowing tray of whiz.  Delightful.
But now I'm looking forward to just changing the pads more frequently and no longer having to lug around 20-lb. boxes of dusty litter. Good news for me and the bedroom.

Experiment #2: The Dermatologist's Office.

What happened: I'd been suffering with horrible flare-ups of a years-old rash that extended from my earlobes all the way down my neck.  For some reason, it got particularly worse mid-January to the point of painfulness.  Not to mention I'd started clawing at my skin in my sleep.
I was nervous about going to a new office, but having been butchered by poorly removed post-mole-removal stitches at the last place, I wasn't going back there.  The new doctor was a warm, intelligent woman who first prescribed a prescription steroid cream--and also told me to switch to "sensitive skin" formulas for soap, lotion, and the like.  (The free samples of moisturizers didn't hurt, either.)  She also wanted to do a patch test for contact reactions.

The result: After suffering for four days with irritants stuck on my back--and not being able to get my back wet or wash it--the only definitive reaction I had was to topical antibiotics.  That might explain why applying Neosporin to my neck gave me no relief!
It didn't explain the neck rash, and the prescription did nothing for me either, but I have experienced virtually no rashes since I switched soap.  I also looked up some vitamins and supplements to take and have started a regimen.
So right now, the only irritation is that I'm still scrubbing the ink numbers off my back.

Experiment #3: Facebook Page.

What happened: I created a page about a month.  I did get overwhelmed and stepped back.  It also doesn't help that pretty much nothing is going on in my life (AM DWEEB).  However, I try to check every few days so at the very least I know Younger Sister is doing O.K.  And maybe catch a glimpse of my niece or nephews. Even if it's one of them post-ER with a lollipop.  But I digress.

The result: Experiment ongoing and will continue to report as needed.