Seems As If I'm Always Numbering Updates

1. The Cat lost more weight, probably has thyroid in overdrive again. I wasn't much help this week because for a couple of days, I mixed up her pills and did not realize until Friday morning that I was giving her the pills for her nausea instead of the antithyroid meds. Arrrgh.  After I explained that to the vet, he asked me, "Are you overworked?"

He's a good doc.

While they were wrestling with her to trim her claws and take some blood for testing (more struggling with the former than the latter), I had a waiting-area chat with a man whose girlfriend (??? no rings but she called him the puppy's "daddy") had taken their dog to an exam room.

Him: (after hearing the office manager tell another client the price of the exam)  I should've been a veterinarian.

Me: I don't think I could deal with hurt pets. Or dying ones. 

Him: Well, I'm a funeral director, so. . .

That converged into a discussion about singing for funerals, natch, and he told a funny story about a diva cantor who said she "commands 'x' amount" for singing.  He was amused by the "commands." 

Maybe I should start "commanding" money like that.

2. Prior to the vet visit which was on Saturday morning, I did my crazy Friday where I ran out the door of school so I could go change and feed The Cat before running out my own door for the evening.  There was a lovely bridal shower for a co-worker at my public library job, and then I went to the trivia charity event to which I'd been invited to return after our victory last year.

The guy mentioned in that one was there also, but since I'd been warned away from him by my teammates AND he'd been a drunken ass at a subsequent benefit competition earlier this year, I was nervous around him at first.  

He was well-behaved (did not start drinking until last round. . . or maybe he only drinks heavily at the other competition?) and we had a great time and second victory.  Also the young woman who organized the benefit raised $2K for research so that was fantastic.  Ooh, and we got t-shirts this year.  We plan to wear them to the next competition so we can be intimidating. Hee.

3. There is a small possibility of a development on the career front, but I can't say much more than that.  Mostly because I just don't know anything yet.

4. My mom returned today in one piece (but tired) from taking care of my grandfather all week. Things actually went pretty well and she said he looked a lot better than he did after he had his surgery earlier this year.  But believe me when I say those cats missed her--they sat right at her feet and waited for their dinner, as if nobody else had been feeding them all week!

5. Time to go get ready for bed so I can start another work week standing outside with the arriving buses.  I'm already dreaming of coffee.

I hope you have a great start to your week!



Updates Forthcoming

I am finally catching my breath once more after a hectic week.  Nothing terrible--in fact, last night I actually had the chance to go out and have some fun--more that events had me running all week.

More updates after I take The Cat for a little check-up on her misbehaving thyroid.  

Oh, it's going to be a fun car ride. 



Update, Numbered

Wow, no update in nearly two weeks?  My apologies!  Here's what has been going on lately--you probably guessed there's been a lot.  I think I've just been trying to assimilate it all.

1. School is going. . . well, it's going.  I am still trying to maintain my equilibrium (i.e. not freaking out) but it's hard when Co-Librarian starts ranting about everything.  I've stopped responding because then she retorts something that is dripping with resentment and all but says, "You still don't have as many classes as I do!"   True, but I'm doing other crap work.  Like ordering 3 dozen rolls of laminating film after someone got anxious about running out. . . only to find four more rolls tucked away (also probably out of anxiety).
And I just gush with happiness anytime anyone asks me how I "like being busy."  Busy-ER, you silly people, busy-ER.  I was busy before.

2. Needless to say, I am counting the days until a day off (NOVEMBER 1).  It's very hard going back to working a full (long) day, every day, after working a day or two a week all summer.
I even picked up this weekend as a sub on the Reference Desk at the Public Library Job.  Much to the delight of LibraryElf, I might add.  I might also add that I am tired after working seven days straight.  Probably I also am tired because I've had a low-grade cold since Wednesday and it's finally on its way out.
The good news is that (also to LibraryElf's delight) I can put the extra money toward shower/wedding gifts.  And maybe a manicure for the wedding.

3.  The Cat has been doing O.K. and seems to be getting used to my long hours.  It helps that she has been very good about taking her meds.
That said, she still is a little less chunky-calico than I would like.  Maybe the cooler weather will increase her appetite.  Also, I am not thrilled about the recent development of 4:30 a.m. meowing.  What is up with that!?  The only thing I can guess is she can hear the alarm clock of a neighbor, or someone moving around, but it's not something I can hear.  Mystifying.  Annoying.  Annoyingly mystifying.

4.  Last weekend was the family reunion at the NJ shore.  It was lovely.  I got to hang out with Niece and Middle Nephews, as well as my cousin's kids who are getting big too.  
And that uncle who always asks if I'm seeing someone did NOT ask me that question, and instead he paid me a compliment--"You were always a beautiful girl but now you're a beautiful young lady."  Well, I'm taking it as a compliment because otherwise he was implying I was starting to look old.  
So that lovely time carried me through some tough times during the week.
Until I saw the horrible pictures my one cousin took.  I used to take really nice pictures, but these were the worst candids ever.  My mouth full of celery in one of them.  A profile shot where I look pale, tired, and pudgy.  I want those photos destroyed.
Or maybe I should just shut up and keep working on taking care of my health.

This week looks pretty busy, too, especially in the second half of the week.  I'm subbing in again at the Ref Desk on Wednesday night, and then I'm double-booked for events on Friday night (shower and trivia benefit), and I just found out there's a farewell brunch on Sunday for the departing music director at the church where I substitute-cantor.  Whew.

For someone not used to being popular, I'm on the fence about how it feels.  But maybe I could get used to it.



Was That Ever a Monday

I do feel that I owe an update of some sort, but there's not a whole lot new to report because I'm still figuring out where everything goes and what everything does, and how the classes are going to go and what the kids are like.

I had my first computers class today with a segment of the younger group, and it was. . . all right.  Not great.  (It was the first full day of school, for crying out loud, and timed right for the "post-lunch slump.")  And for some reason it hadn't been made clear to the class that yours truly would be teaching them.  "I thought you were the librarian!" exclaimed one girl.

Yeah, kid.  Me too.

Once we get going and get all the setup stuff out of the way, I think they'll like their time in class.  It's more on my end of things where it's complicated.  This program was touted as practically messianic--and that very well may be true. In a school that didn't have computer instruction as a separate class.  It's almost a lot of extra work to make it function in isolation-- which I know the PTBs really don't want; however, in my opinion it's somewhat optimistic to think all the timing will match up for all the lessons their other teachers are doing.  I mean, I'm hopeful, too, because I think our activities will interest them more that way.  I just am having a hard time seeing it all come together from the top of the cliff here.

It's a great big experiment.  That's how I'm trying to see it.

I just am afraid I'll get blamed if anything fails.

Oh, and afterwards I spent time in the stacks today rearranging the fiction shelves so the books aren't jammed together and impossible for students to see and take out.  

Just to remind myself why I think I'm really there.



It's Been Busy

Obviously, the first week back at school means there's a lot to be done.  Some of it's out of my hands, so I'm just working with what I have and waiting for answers or pieces from other people.  The hardest part has been working out our schedules--my classes are mostly fixed, except for when the upper grades come to get their books.  We did some shuffling around and I know some people won't be happy.

I already am exposed to some, well, unpleasantness as we go through this transition, which is why I now have to go work on something I brought home.  Somewhere between easing my way back into spending so much time there and limiting my exposure to some unpleasantness that I am sure will dissipate with time. I think.  I hope.

It's like, I can't do anything to make the situation better, but I don't really want to be around it, so I headed out.  It's not that I want to appear as if I'm doing less work--I'm not; I work hard, darnit--but I know my limits and my needs.  And there are going to be future demands on me, so I want to be prepared.

So off I go to take care of things.  And then on to trivia because it just feels good to kick some trivia butt!