The Cat Made Me Do Lotsa Laundry

I'm pretty sure The Cat can read the calendar on the fridge.  I write all our appointments on that calendar, and yesterday morning had me wondering if she did see "11a Vet" written in the Monday square.  At 10:15, after I'd just finished drying my hair, I walked into the bedroom and smelled something awful.

The bed, which I'd made that morning, was all rumpled up, but I didn't really see anything obvious.  Once I straightened out the blanket completely, I saw the huge puddle.

  WHIZ!  She took a giant whiz on my bed!

Highly unusual.  Also, super awesome because it soaked all the way down through the mattress pad into the fluffy pillow-top thing I had under the mattress pad.  Ugh.  It was the only time I found myself wishing I'd found a giant poo instead.

So I pulled everything all the way off the bed and threw it into the bathroom, rounded up the kitty, and off we went to the vet.  One of us (not me) was meowing all the way.

She did her usual resistance shtick, and the doctor wound up examining her as she crouched in the cat carrier.  Lots of hissing but she was too confined to take a swipe at him.

The cause for her deliberate "miss" of the litterbox might be an infection, because (as I learned) the steroids tend to lower her immunity.  They of course tried to take a urine sample, which was unsuccessful because, well, gee, I think a giant whiz an hour before might mean there's nothing left.  I warned them!  Oh, but the joke was on me because they wanted me to attempt an at-home collection.  Um, have you met my cat?  Do you think locking her up for 30 minutes in a room with a bowl of water and a litter pan with non-absorbent litter will produce a sample?  

More likely to produce mass destruction, I say.

Adding to The Cat's vet visit experience, a gentleman who brought in a very tiny and very sick chihuahua spoke Spanish to The Cat.  (He said, "Que pasa, gatita?" which translates to, "What's up, little kitty?")  Normally, she is intrigued when people speak other languages to her.  My late friend J used to speak a little Japanese to her, and one time she stared quizzically at a friend who spoke German to her as she hid behind the sofa.  Yesterday, however, she was not having a good day, and she hissed at this poor guy.  He said he still loved cats, anyway, and told me about his cat.

When I got home, I let The Cat out of her carrier and did a complete cleaning of her litterbox in case that was an issue for her.  Then I hauled all the laundry over to my parents'.  I made the most of the washer wait time by picking up cat food and a $4 litterbox for my, uh, "collection" plan.  I didn't get home until after 7 because Oldest Nephew was visiting (Mom took him shopping for school clothes) and I was invited to stay for dinner, where I made myself useful by helping unload the dishwasher and mixing up G&Ts for the adults.

Today, I tried swapping out The Cat's litterbox for the $4 decoy plus fake-litter (throwing trash bags across the bed for insurance), but for the most part, she has been sleeping through the day.  She did get a new steroid shot yesterday, so I think that has knocked her for a bit of a loop.

I'm a little worried she'll be anxious that I'm gone a lot of the day tomorrow and Thursday for faculty meetings, but, as I tell her, the job buys the cat food.  She might still be sleepy tomorrow, anyway.

And I'll just have to try the Folgers (litterbox) switch again tomorrow.




Power's on. Building's Standing. Very Tired.

Shortly after I finally got to bed (after 1 a.m.), I woke up around 2 a.m.  What's that weird whirring noise? I asked myself after a minute.

It was the building's fire alarm.  I sat up.  At this point in the night, the rain was heavy and steady.  Did I really need to leave the building?  And haul The Cat out in the rain?  Where would we go?  The Cat, who was on "her side" of the bed, opened her eyes and looked at me sleepily.

As I contemplated, several emergency vehicles pulled up in front of the building, including a fire truck.  I walked up to my door and felt it.  It wasn't hot.  I didn't hear anything in the hallway.  The alarm is blaring the whole time still, but I figured if I opened the door, it would frighten The Cat and make it impossible for me to find her if I needed to stuff her in a carrier.  So I decided I would start to get dressed and wait for a knock at the door or some other indication that we had to get out.

I watched through my bedroom window blinds as a few emergency personnel went in and out of the building while the alarm continued to blast.  It sounded like angry bagpipes at 500 dB.  Finally, at about 2:20-2:25, the alarm stopped.  Tried to restart a couple times, and then was quiet for good.  All the vehicles left except for the fire chief's and the fire truck (which moved over to park directly in front of the building).  Of course, I did not feel completely ready to go back to bed until all the rescue people left, so I waited another 20 minutes for that to happen.  God bless 'em, they were out in probably the worst point of the storm.  Which might have been why the alarm sounded, but who knows?  I hope we don't get a scolding from management (via memo) for not evacuating the building, but at the time it made little sense to do so.

Not me! I went back to sleep until The Cat got me up, usual early time, for meds and breakfast.  Tried to go back to sleep, but she kept crying every hour on the hour.  Out of sorts, I guess.  Kind of how I felt for the rest of the day!  I did go out in the early evening for a walk around the community--saw a fence smashed in by a fallen tree behind one of the other buildings--and then I ventured into one of the adjacent neighborhoods.  Everything looked pretty good, actually; people were walking their dogs and putting out their trash cans for collection tomorrow.  I think I saw maybe one rug out for the trash so maybe somebody did get some flooding.  Mom and Dad said they got a little water in their basement but it wasn't anything the sump pump and the wet vac couldn't handle.

I called them to check in on them (and to get Mom's help with a crossword puzzle I couldn't quite finish), and they reported that Older Brother also called to check on them and let them know his family was O.K.  I texted Younger Sister last night (casual conversation but really I was making sure she was O.K.) and Sara was kind enough to check up on me.  Very kind, actually, because she had been dealing with managing four kitties in a tornado warning!  So while it is scary to be riding out the storm as a singleton, having the cell phone around was a big help.

Bottom line: Good riddance to Irene, hooray for our emergency response people, and now on to even scarier things.  Like a trip to the vet and faculty meetings.



Still Here!

Made it to Mass, which was very crowded.  A couple of people came up to me afterwards and told me I did a good job singing.  It later occurred to me that those were people who don't normally attend the vigil Mass and had not heard me sing before!  Good for them that they decided to come out tonight; I don't think anyone's going anywhere tomorrow.

Ate dinner at Mom and Dad's, made coffee, and then noticed the rain was getting heavier once 7:00 came around.  So I headed home, which took about five minutes because there was practically no one in my direction on the road and all of the traffic lights were green.

Our second tornado warning just expired--and I admit it, I had been sitting in the bathroom with the "terrorist radio" tuned to KYW for a while.  I was reading a book to get my mind off things, such as questions about the sturdiness of this building and word that a tornado might have touched down near where Older Brother & Family live.  

The Cat slept atop the cabinets for the most part, demanded food around 11:15, and then went back up to the cabinets after she ate.

I'm a little too keyed up to sleep.  The leak is definitely happening under the A/C in the dining room.  I put a plastic cup under it about 90 minutes ago and it's halfway full.  I think I will have to graduate to a bowl if and when I want to get some sleep.  It's too low to the floor to wedge the only bucket I have under there.

Overall, this sucks.  The only thing that would suck more is for the power and/or internet to go out, or people got hurt, or something landed on my car (knock on wood for all of the above).

I think I'll go take out my contact lenses while there's still power and then see (with my hot librarian glasses) if there's anything non-news-y on TV.  And try to relax.



Hurricane Preparedness Checklist, Maiden Aunt Edition

The always helpful and funny sibs at Coalition of the Swilling provided a handy post for things to get and do to prepare for the arrival of a hurricane.  Being a renter and the sole (human) resident of my home--not to mention hopeful that the 'burbs where I am are far enough outside Philly to be on the "tropical storm" side of the warnings--I have different things to do.  So here's what I did to prepare:

* Cleaned off patio chairs and brought inside so they don't blow away (or through my neighbors' windows).  It was already on my list before the management slid a memo under the door stating (paraphrased but just as all-caps shout-y) "GET ANYTHING THAT COULD FLY AWAY OFF YOUR PATIO/BALCONY."  Also, "get water, charge your cell phone, keep your fridge closed if the power goes off, etc."  
Side note: First casualty of the hurricane occurred when a rough edge on one of the chairs sliced my knuckle as I was cleaning.  I'll live.

* Got cat litter.  (Because if kitty ain't happy, I'm trapped indoors with statement stink bombs.)  I also got a couple cans of tuna (for people) and a couple bottles of water.  However, there was a huge traffic snarl as the result of some random unexplained road closure near the store, and I drank almost all of one water bottle.  I guess I'll just refill it and stash it in the fridge.

* Dropped off Friday's Wall Street Journal to Mom (so she can enjoy doing the crossword) and mooched some paper towels.  We kind of have communal bulk buying--they have the cellar storage I don't for mass quantities of paper products.  I already mooched a few AAA batteries for one of my flashlights last night.  I also chatted with all the cats and debated two kinds of laptops with Mom.

* Bought a laptop.  Yeah, I took the plunge.  There was one I tried out (not at that price) last week at another store, and it showed up in another store's ad with a way better price and offers on Office 2010 and antivirus.  I had to buy it this week to get the deals.  (Even the manager had to look at the ad I brought so everything was rung up correctly.)
Poor ol' Lappy must've been some sort of fluke, because I didn't have to deal with battery failure or anything like that.  I think I had a virus once and it didn't wipe anything out, fortunately.  It never occurred to me that sort of thing could happen.  Ignorance truly is bliss!

Now I'm not taking any chances; it's a whole new ballgame after five years.  So add on the two year protection and the setup service (I figured it was worth it, because I don't know Windows7 well enough to pull off useless trial stuff and the like), the antivirus (which after rebates will be free, yay), and I have sticker shock.  But I got what I needed.
Or at least I'll have it tomorrow morning when it's ready.

Left to do: pray a Rosary that the stupid leak under the dining room A/C (which only appears when it rains really hard and sideways) is minimal.  Oh, and also that nobody gets hurt, either.

Have a safe weekend, everyone.


Putting a Positive Spin on Today

As much as I hate attending mandatory workshops, at least a few good things came out of it.

* Gas was 10-12 cents/gallon cheaper out there (granted, it was almost 30 miles from home, but still) and I needed it badly.

* Hung out with with the also-hired-last-year gym teacher.  Nice guy.  Super young.  We also found our new Spanish teacher after a while. (Not interested in hanging with us. Cool, whatever, we're strangers.)

* I always manage to exchange contact info with at least one nice person. This time it was a woman who will be serving as a school's part-time pseudo-librarian.  It's unfortunate that a school would need to cut a librarian from its budget, but Lord only knows what non-negotiable it helped keep.

* Free coffee in the morning!

* This one is The Cat's: I forgot again today to call the vet back about scheduling a follow-up visit for The Cat.

She's actually been doing fairly well.  I would not be surprised if they cut back her thyroid meds a bit, however, because she's been sleeping a lot more.  She has been eating well, and the digestive incidents have been few (knock on wood).

In fact, as some chicken was baking in the oven this evening, she was sitting in loaf formation in the middle of the living room floor, purring to herself.

You gotta enjoy those little things in life.

That said, another workshop tomorrow. . .



Didn't Feel a Thing.

I did not know there'd been an earthquake in D.C. that was felt in Philly until my mom called my cell and asked me to text Younger Sister to see if she was O.K.  Mom couldn't get her on the phone.  I think all the cell signals were probably jammed, but in any event, as I saw in my e-mail when I got home a few minutes ago, she e-mailed the family a couple minutes after I sent the text.  She said she's fine, and as far as she can tell, nothing fell off the shelves!

I'd been out running errands, and I can't tell if I was still in transit at the time or had just entered the store where I was when Mom called me about 10-15 minutes later, but either way, I was surprised when she told me they felt it at my parents' house.

When I went to the next store for The Cat's food, the cashier said they felt it and the signs that are suspended from the ceiling swayed a little.  That store is in the same shopping center, only at the opposite end from where I was before.

Hmmmm.  If I indeed was in the first store when things were shaking, then maybe it's a shock-proof building.  

Or maybe I was distracted by all the shiny lip glosses.


Younger Sister's Cat Tries a New Hairdo

So while Mom, Younger Sister and I are hanging out in the living room, waiting for Dad to come back from the gym to take Younger Sister to the train, Younger Sister's cat comes sashaying around all our legs.  She's a feisty orange cat who likes to clown around, and she's always in an extremely good mood when Younger Sister is home for a visit.

I reach down to pet her back, and I find her fur is kind of clumped together and sticking up in the middle.

Mom: Oh, you know a certain little boy [a.k.a. Middle Nephew] can't walk by any of the cats without petting them.  He's always got something on his hands, too.

Me: (to cat) You've got kind of a mohawk in the middle of your back.

Y.S.: It's a faux-hawk.

Me: More like a fur-hawk.

Mom walked to the back door, and the cat enthusiastically followed her, thinking Mom was going to let her out.  This cat is always begging to go out, and if she didn't do things like squeeze under the fence to frolic in the yard of the Police Headquarters, maybe she'd actually be allowed out.  Coincidentally, the cats' brushes happen to hang on hooks by the back door.

Double disappointment registered on the cat's fuzzy face as Mom sat the cat on her lap and brushed out the fur-hawk.

After that unpleasantness, however, Younger Sister, to whom this goofy orange cat owes her life, took pity on the kitty and let her out on a little walk with the little-used harness and leash.

Ah, happy endings.

Woke up with the phrase "two wrongs don't make a right" on my mind.  I was trying to get out the door to meet a friend going to my acupuncturist for the first time, but of course I had to check my e-mail.

Mom read my post (yeah, I don't think I mentioned that she found the blog a while ago--I did warn her this is my place to speak freely about anything), and sent me an e-mail saying I embarrassed her.  There's something else I won't mention but it's always the hit below the belt I get whenever I mention anything older than recent history.  It strikes me as not true, but maybe I'm just coming across wrong.  It happens.  Too often. 

I think she misread the post as my saying bad things about her ("helpful to a fault" and "does too much" don't really sound defamatory in my book), but really I was saying the worst things about myself and just recounting the lousy thing that happened.  (She did agree she was tired.)  
It's all a big misunderstanding.  I felt horrible she was upset, and I cried through almost my entire acupuncture treatment (which of course when I told Mom that, she told me that was a silly thing to do. .  . and that, my friends, is the difference between her and me).

The truth is, I want my parents to look at me and say, "We raised a functioning adult," but I worry they don't, because I can barely support myself or do things for them now that I'm older (and so are they).  I don't have any kids, and I worry when my mom gets all stressed out and exhausted with my brother's kids that by the time I do (might) have kids, there won't be anything left. 

That doesn't give me the right to get impatient with her, though.

So, I apologized.  I gave her the Karen Carpenter CD that I found the other day for her (one of her fave songs is on it).  The kiddos went with my dad to take Younger Sister to the train station, so Mom got a few minutes of peace (I think).

Later, I got a phone call from Mom: the kiddos have been enjoying the bubble wands I brought over, and Niece, who finally got her birthday present from me today, has been playing with her doll all afternoon.  (We've been trying for a while to teach Niece the importance of brushing her hair to keep away the tangles and I thought this particular doll might help.)

It feels good to do something right at last.

At least, until my SIL puts out a hit on me for giving Niece a (gasp!) Barbie.


. . . And One More Thing I Did Not Have Planned for the Weekend

I thought I was doing a good turn by giving everyone a ride to the bridal shower, but after a tension-creating departure in the middle of a heavy downpour, it turns out I suck, Younger Sister is annoyed with me, and Mom is. . . something.  Something that makes me simultaneously sad, weary, and angry.  

I don't know what it is that driving with family makes me doubt my ability to drive (although three separate sets of driving lessons and two attempts at my license which I finally obtained at 19, followed by years of criticism, might say something about the whole experience in the first place), but add to that Younger Sister's interference (to which I say how dare she because she removed herself from experiencing the family on a regular basis long ago) and Mom's willingness to help to a fault, and it's just a big ol' mess.

Hell, you might even agree I'm the bad guy because you operate on the belief that says you never, ever say anything sharp to a parent.  And that's fine, you can think I failed at being a good daughter, because I'd probably agree that I failed, to some degree.

I failed at being the daughter who still needed a parent to tell her what to do in the car.  My own car that I've been driving for nine years without an accident (caused by me).  So yeah, I got mad, and maybe that's my injured pride talking, but you know what?  I'm the only one who gets that from her.  From anyone.  I don't know what I have to do to get anybody in my family to have any faith in me and let me be a grown-up--I fear nothing will be enough to free me of this pitied, helpless reputation.  (Well, maybe getting married, but it shouldn't have to be that way.)

But let me pose this: she failed at being the mother who lets her adult daughter take care of her.  She's still in supermom mode, because she's been dealing with Niece and Middle Nephew all week (day and night) and is just tired.  Today was just pushing things right over the edge on which they've sat for a while, so I got the full force of whatever bad stuff she was feeling.  And she's not good at negative feelings--she was the one who always told me how easy it was to turn off or change my feelings, because (a) she didn't want me to feel bad, ever--and oh, it's always kind parenting to invalidate your child's feelings, but that's another topic for another day; and (b) she probably had to do the same thing to cope with a big chaotic family that moved around a lot.

On top of that, I'm sure she has no awareness that every time I drive her somewhere, her foot is constantly doing the "invisible passenger brake pedal" thing.

So in summary: I feel bad I offended Mom and apparently broke whatever dam that was.  I also feel bad that I can't get her to understand that she can take a break from trying to take care of everybody in sight.  I despise whatever it is in me that shakes my confidence when I'm driving with other people in the car.  But I maintain that I did the best I could in the midst of a tense situation, and while I can't force Younger Sister or Mom to put themselves in my shoes for a moment, I sure wish they would and stop being so frigging hard on me.

I do a bang-up job of that on my own.

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go cry myself to sleep while wondering if Mom's ever going to speak to me again.



Because I Didn't Have Enough to Do This Weekend

(Admin's note: On this borrowed laptop, I had to use Chrome to blog.  I think everything looks weird, especially the font sizes and line spacing.  If things are unreadable, please tell me!)

Singing for a wedding Saturday? Yup.

Singing for Mass Saturday? That, too.

Younger Sister in town? Yeah.

Bridal shower Sunday? Check.

Got wire cutter and second set of clips for new stereo speakers? Ready!

Filling out juror questionnaire for district court!?  


With my luck, I'll be stuck in a week-long trial in Philly for the first week of school.  Any other time of year. . .



Maiden Moments with the Nearly 90yo Grandfather

I got to see my grandfather last weekend. He'll be 90 later this year, he's got diabetes, a cane, and almost complete deafness not helped much by hearing aids. (Being a retired engineer, he has a habit of fiddling with things he shouldn't; odds are pretty good the hearing aids fell victim to that habit.)

Of course, he makes a fuss over his middle granddaughter--that's right, even as a grandchild, I am squarely in the middle, story of my life--and how lovely I am, etc., etc.

The follow-up to that is always, "How come no fella has come along and claimed you, huh?"

Usually, I can deflect the question with, "Oh, Pop-Pop, you know, I'm busy, it just hasn't happened yet, blah blah blah. . ."

Now, obviously he's in the later years of his life, and I'm sure part of it is the diabetes and part of it is just age, but he seems to be, in addition to more forgetful, even less inhibited in his speech than usual (which trust me was free enough already). So then he goes on to ask me, "Tell me, was there ever a fella you said 'No' to when you should've said 'Yes'?"

I was a bit stunned, but I guess I shouldn't have been. I also felt ashamed for some reason, as if I actually had been guilty of, I don't know and maybe I'm taking the wrong angle, attracting some nice guy and just turning him down for dates or whatever. I've really only avoided being asked out by one person, and that was because I felt zero attraction to him.

But I felt somewhat lousy at being asked that question. As if I had screwed up a chance at something good a long time ago, and now I'm paying the price with impending spinsterhood.

I don't think so, really, deep down. Am I a late bloomer? Yes. Am I introverted and a bit socially anxious? Absolutely. Yet trumping all of that: Do I believe, fun as it is not sometimes, that things are the way they are in accordance with the Lord's plans for me?

Yeah, I do.

Oh, and I also believe God has a HUGE sense of humor in that Pop-Pop later that afternoon also was a bit too free in speaking with me. . . about his first time.

With his late second wife.

Who was his secretary that he married about a year and a half after my grandmother passed away, so you have an idea of the speed with which I steered the conversation in another direction.

Later, while we were starting to get dinner started, my uncle was making daiquiris and asked if I wanted one. I told him I'd start with one and he needed to keep them coming. Everybody had a good laugh when I explained why (sparing them the actual details), I think my aunt and uncle, as well as my mom, have all been subjected to far too many "details" by Pop-Pop at some time or another.

Well, God gave me a Pop-Pop who's crazy about me--crazy enough to tell me too much, but that's O.K., because God also made booze for just such an occasion.

And He also managed to find a nice husband for my aunt when I'm sure some people considered her "older." They've been married almost 15 years now, and on top of being a good husband and uncle, he knows how to make a good mixed drink.

In the end, I got what I needed.

I guess that's what it always will come down to, eventually.

I Have to Laugh. . .

. . . at how much I'm spinning my wheels, trying to get anything done around here.

(If I didn't, I'd cry out of frustration. Or punch the wall. And then I wouldn't get my security deposit back. That would be bad.)


R.I.P. Lappy the Laptop (2006? - 2011)

Lappy apparently did not like going without use while I was away, because when I had it on yesterday and I left the room for a minute to get something, it went dark and never woke up again. The efforts to resuscitate it by both me and the local computer guy were unsuccessful. Granted, a laptop that's five (maybe six? It was a floor model) years old and took nightly poundings for two and a half years of grad school is bound to go sometime, I guess. I just wish I'd had more of a warning.

And maybe some less sucky timing.

I've got faculty back-to-school info e-mail to read, side jobs to investigate, vet insurance claims to check. At least my parents kindly loaned me their laptop (they have a desktop but it's surprisingly difficult to have one computer in a house with two semi-retired people) so I can research my options to replace Lappy.

The other thing that sucks about the timing is that I've already paid for vet bills (ka-ching!), car A/C repairs twice (ka-ching! ka-ching!), and bridal/baby shower gifts (ka- well, we got good deals on those, so no real complaints there).

This is the Summer of Extreme Expenses.

That said, Lappy was a good little workhorse and we had a lot of good years together.

So, how's your week going?


Off for a Few Days

Gonna visit some people I like, clear my head.

No, the stereo isn't fully assembled yet. But the tape deck showed up today, and into the cabinet it went. Pretty good fit, but when I return I have to look in my odd collection of wires to see if anything there will connect it to the receiver.

A friend is feeding The Cat, and while I am nervous about leaving The Cat, when my friend came to visit this morning, The Cat came out from her hiding place after a while and sashayed right up for a pet! No hissing or swiping. That little moment between them was a much-needed reassurance.

But I think I'll still get a meowy scolding when I walk in the door.


At Least I Reconnected the TV Right. . .

Things That Went Wrong:

1. New TV stand is actually multi-purpose modular cabinet--meaning there are no holes at the back for equipment wires. Thanks for not mentioning that, NotMoby IKEA Guy.

2. New TV stand's doors go almost all the way to the floor; hence, they drag on the carpet.

3. Hardware store #1 talked me out of getting the wood piece I wanted cut so that I could put the TV stand on a little platform to raise it out of the carpet. This very well could have happened in part because I had a bad headache and had no idea what I was saying, but still, I talk with my hands. (Good thing they got only $2 and change outta me.)

4. The Cat had an, um, accident on my bed. The kind I could smell the minute I walked in the door.

5. By then, the water was shut off in the building, because they're working on the plumbing. (It's really not fun to clean up. . . stuff. . . and not be able to wash your hands afterwards.)

Things That Went Right (or at Least Better):

1. Mom said she'd help me out with the wood cutting problem.

2. Hardware store #2 understood what Mom said. It also helps that Mom is very stubborn and won't let up until she gets what she wants.

3. I now know how to use a drill. Not very well, but at the very least to get some ugly but fortunately obscured wiring holes in the back of a TV stand.

4. Everything fit through the drilled holes--and it's much easier to have someone on the other side to help as you're routing a bunch of cables through a cabinet.

5. We did not drop the TV, and so far I am able to watch TV. (I'm nervous that I hooked the DVD player up wrong again, but I don't feel like testing it tonight.)

6. The old tv-stand-turned-stereo-cabinet is in the right place now.

7. The Cat's liquid hyperthyroid meds arrived (cutely addressed to "Cat [The Cat] P"!) and she ate all her dinner with little to no suspicion that something was mixed into it. Which is good news for the person who will be feeding her while I am away this weekend, and a relief to me.

I think I will sleep really well tonight!


I Declare August "Retro-Reading Month"

Were you ever struck by a passing mention or a situation that reminded you of something you read, and it made you want to go back and read it again? That happened to me today.

Maybe it's that Mercury Retrograde's starting to creep in, or maybe it's that the arrival of August heralds the end of summer vacation, or maybe I have some weird sentimentality coming on, but in any case, I am feeling the need to go back and re-read something.

Specifically, because I saw Amanda Hesser on Rocco's Dinner Party while I was watching it today, I recalled her book, Cooking for Mr. Latte (don't ask me how, as it's been years since I first read it, says the Font of Useless Information). And I have decided that somewhere between or simultaneously with My Life in Pink and Green, Ship Breaker, the one book I forgot was assigned as "Summer Reading" for faculty, and the book I don't want to read for book club, I will re-read Cooking for Mr. Latte. I did an online request for it at my branch of the library earlier today.

So, if you would like to join me in a retro-read this month--anything you want to re-read--please do! You can share the title in the combox and/or post on your own blog (linking here of course).

Happy Re-reading!