Done Printing, Dishes, Then Bed.

I'm pretty exhausted right now, but I did my four thank-you letters from my screening interview. I forgot there are screening interviews--there are multiple positions open--so later today I will fax and mail my letters and let the holding my breath for a callback commence.

In the meantime, I do think it went fairly well. I answered as thoughtfully as possible, but I pretty much tried to be myself and flex my library muscles for them. I didn't expect that they'd be looking for copies of transcripts/recommendations/whatever extras at that point, and I don't think I've provided that much for a screening anyplace else. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was asked for some of those things from HR as they processed me to start my previous position at the high school a year and a half ago. So I'm hoping that's not a mark against me.

I found it a little odd the person after me was laughing loudly (nervously?) and didn't seem dressed for an interview from what I could tell at my distance on the other side of the (nicely appointed) high school library as I did my writing sample. I heard her telling her life's story ("This is sort of a third career for me") as I walked out. I'm kind of hoping she's angling for the lower grade level position--that said, if it came down to the lower grade level position or no position offered, then I'd be right there. I like second graders and they like me. (And for some reason they are crazy about The Beatles. Ask around and you'll see.)

I will say I'm wondering if it was a good omen that there was a question at trivia night on Tuesday (where our team won the whole thing, yay) that revolved around "big cats," and one in particular, and it then it so happened that I went to this school to interview. . . and that same big cat is their team name. Hmmmmm.

This universe is just too mysterious. I'm gonna go do a sure thing like load the dishwasher and then hit the hay.


Nervous? Me? Hah!

I think I'm more afraid of being late than anything else.

Tonight I helped secure victory for my trivia team (out at a bar on a weeknight--I'm beginning to wonder if I'm reliving my mid-20s), so maybe that bodes well for things to come.

Now I'm off to bed. . . after I get my interviewing suit out of the closet.


Random Round-up

It's a bit surprising to me how quickly the weekend went, at least around here.

Saturday: Sang for a huge (13 bridesmaids!) Irish wedding; my first time singing the "Irish Blessing" song (a.k.a. May the Road Rise to Meet You) solo, in public. I tripped in only one spot, and that was in the second verse that no one knows. The groom thanked us and said it was beautiful, so I guess it sounded O.K. The priest who said the Mass had as his theme for the homily "the ABC's of a good marriage"--because the bride was a teacher of young children--and it was probably an unwitting choice to use the letter Y to stand for "Yes." Maybe he hasn't read Ulysses.
Then I also had to sing for the vigil Mass at the same church. . . and in walks a co-worker (who has caught my, uh, work before, but by chance) with another co-worker in tow, one who suffered a family loss this week and has a family connection to this church. They were very complimentary after Mass, even though I kind of bungled a new (to me) song--I have a feeling everybody else was so into singing it, they didn't notice. Whew.

Sunday: After Mass (yes, I sang at three Masses this weekend), ate scrambled eggs with Mom and Dad, then wrapped Youngest Nephew's birthday present and headed for a little party at Older Brother's family's house. I can't remember the last time I was there, but it was well before Christmas. They're doing a lot of work to the house and it was interesting to notice what they'd changed since the last time I was there. I mean, my mom tells me things they've done, because she's there a lot, dropping off the kids and stuff. (I was invited to this party via text Friday afternoon, if that gives you any idea.)
Youngest Nephew was delighted with his "magic" fingerpainting set. I think he'll have fun with that. Plus, I got lots of hugs from the little ones--Oldest Nephew is too cool for those, but maybe he'll let me come cheer at a hockey game or something soon.
After that, did a little shopping for moisturizer and floss, and came home to deal with dishes and a whiny kitty. I don't know why she's whiny. I also don't know how she got a sticky patch of fur on her back, but she let me swipe a wet hand over it. *sigh* What am I gonna do with her?
I also tried to watch a little of 60 Minutes but when they showed a little girl who'd been rescued after a tsunami hit her school--a little girl Niece's age, which I knew the minute I saw her--I just cried and couldn't watch any more.

Other random stuff that caught my eye this weekend:

A Camaro convertible with a slight problem (I took driving lessons in a Camaro but am terrified of convertibles).

I've always been fascinated by Chagall and this article while not related to it reminded me that a Chagall exhibit just started at the PMA. I've missed out on other big-deal exhibits in recent years, because I don't like going by myself, but I am determined to see this one.

Can you tell I'm trying to think about anything but Wednesday?


Almost Logged off Without Mentioning

A very special check arrived in the mail today. AT LAST!!! YAY!!!

I'm practically falling asleep at the laptop, so I'm off to sweet dreams of stereo equipment.


That's Some Post Office

Got home from school today and there was a voice mail message waiting for me. Could I come in for an interview next Wednesday?

Next Wednesday?

Did I mention that I mailed those packets out yesterday afternoon, after 4:00? And mentioned I was missing clearances (that I said I'd have by the interview date, assuming as usual it would be a month from now)?

I'm a bit freaked out, but I have to stop for a moment and just be grateful. After having to explain about the clearances, I thought they'd drop my application into the "circular file."

But now I'd better make some arrangements. And get out that interviewin' suit.

'Cause it's gonna be showtime again very soon.


Trying to Remain Unfazed

I am assembling some mailings that must reach their destinations by Friday. Things are not turning out that great at the moment.

  • I must have used up all my "nice paper" in the final flurry of JobQuest2010 mailings. Did not give it a single thought while I was at the office supply store making photocopies today after work.
    I guess plain white paper will have to do.

  • I have hard copy confirmation of only one of my three required clearances, even though I reapplied for everything (including getting fingerprinted for the millionth time in my life) last July when I signed my new contract. I checked with the H.R. office*, and they don't have anything, either--other than the copy of the one thing I have!
    I will be writing an explanatory paragraph about that little oversight in my cover letter.

Yeah, so none of this stuff bodes well, but at least I tried. That said, it has been my experience in the past that every once in a while, there does come that unexpected response (i.e., not a rejection).

*How did I ask about them without raising any red flags? Well, I have been thinking about taking a summer job working with kids, so. . . I do need them and that's not lying.


Heck of a Coincidentally Timed Reminder

There aren't that many times during which I approach my car from the back end, mostly because I back my car into a parking space where I live, and the way I walk to the car out the door of the school building leads me to the front end. So imagine my surprise when yesterday, as I walked to the car to drive Mom home after a Communion breakfast, I noticed that the nameplate was missing from the trunk.

Now, I'm trying to tell myself it just fell off. It might have been glued back on after repairs from the accident almost exactly three years ago--I know there was a lot of work to the brake lights and one of the panels, but I don't know if the whole trunk-release issue meant something was done to the trunk itself.

I really hope it wasn't stolen. It was a rough winter, so maybe that just loosened the glue. In any event, I made an offer for a salvaged nameplate on eBay, and the seller accepted it. After it arrives, I'll sweet talk my whiz kid mechanic into installing it.

What a crazy thing to happen. I mean, the accident itself was crazy, and then here it is, almost exactly three years later, and I have to fix something again.

I'm glad it's just something super-cosmetic this time around.


"What is it?" "Her resume."

"Smells good." Can you guess what I'm working on this afternoon?

Sorry things have been on the quiet side lately--Tuesday was a trivia night (I have to post about that at some point), Wednesday was Ash Wednesday (as most of you probably know), The Cat was demanding food every hour I was home, and work was overall trying. Younger Sister also breezed in for a quick visit Saturday and Sunday. She won Scrabble Friday night; I won last night. A good way to wrap things up.

My rent goes up next month. . . trying to update things and apply for jobs. I don't know what's making me more tense--the possibility of starting over somewhere else, or the possibility of being here another year and barely scraping by. (And I guess I should add the possibility of all the rejection.) I mean, I know there are dues to be paid in the early years of a new career, but lately I just feel a bit frustrated and demoralized, and wonder if this is where I should be working--not just at a specific place, but also in the field in general. The drop in pay just compounds it this time around.

So I'll be here at the laptop, agonizing over how lame my cover letters sound, feeling paralyzed by overthinking everything, and just trying my hardest to trust that God wants to give me good things, and has me right where He wants me.

And I'll end up in the best place for me, to give me what I need, at this point in my life.


It's a List. It's Updates. It Might or Might Not Be Interesting.

1. The Cat has decided to stop eating again. Well, it's looking more like a taste buds gone wonky thing than a plain old not-eating thing (as discussed under "Tuesday" in this post).

Example 1: Because we both have cats on meds, my parents and I shared an order of Pill Pockets. My mom ordered salmon-flavored ones instead of chicken this time, not knowing that The Cat has eaten only chicken ones before--not to mention about a year ago, she suddenly turned her nose up at a salmon cat food she regularly ate--so I wasn't surprised when she would not take her medicine. I had to pick up appetite stimulant meds (yeah, another prescription, dammit) yesterday, so I picked up chicken Pill Pockets--at the vet's price (the things I do for this cat)--and of course she's now taking her medicine just fine.

Example 2: After she refused to eat her dinner this afternoon, she was still hanging around the kitchen and whining. It so happened that I'd bought a fresh bag of dry food, so I opened it and poured a little into her dish. She ate it. Didn't clean out the dish, but she ate.

I don't want her to lose any more weight, and I'm also tired of throwing out half-eaten food all the time between the money and the waste, so I'm trying the new medicine. I am afraid of the side effects because she is restless enough, but she needs to eat. She's going to the vet for a thyroid re-test on Thursday and I'm afraid the doctor will revisit the idea of an ultrasound of her intestines.

2. Talked to a librarian in a county up north who is on the membership committee for a library association whose membership I'd let lapse, basically because I didn't want to pay for it. I found out school will reimburse me for it. The renewal website wasn't cooperating, so she had to do everything on override. Nice lady. Knows my predecessor at school, natch. There's a conference coming up but I don't really want to go because I'd have to give up a Saturday (I don't see myself taking off from school) and make it a day trip. I'd also probably have to make pleasantries with my predecessor. I have yet to go to any library conferences which is something about which I feel rather guilty and pathetic. I have to think on all this.

3. I just got up to feed The Cat who was inquiring about food. I gave her more tuna appetizer straight, no cat food mixed in. She ate about five bites and then went over to the dish (about a tablespoon) of cream I'd put down about 15 minutes ago (which she'd snubbed at that time) and lapped that up. It could be that the tuna was cold from the fridge, but still--I DON'T GET IT.
Annnd now she's back at the dry food. It's possible the drugs are working (which is probably why I'm thinking about a Ryan Adams album (see the last track, although the plaintive refrain from "Anybody Wanna Take Me Home" is how I feel). But that means get ready for the restlessness. I probably shouldn't expect to sleep tonight.

4. Because there was a lot on my mind this week (cat, doctor's visit I'll explain next) and still had a lousy cold, I had one of those "Oh s***!" moments Friday when I realized I hadn't registered the student teams for an upcoming literacy-related event. It wasn't completely my fault; I had been waiting for responses from the team's coaches and some teachers because it's required that each team have a parent as the team leader and a teacher volunteer as a scorekeeper (assigned to another school's team that night to make it fair). So I just put in what was either certain or 95% certain, figuring I'll sort out any necessary subs later. Ugh.
But the reminder e-mail came to everyone on the administration and the education supervisor (she's new)--who told the administration we were already registered when we weren't! It was mortifying. I really thought I was toast. So I had to stay late and get all that together. And I would've been done sooner had the education supervisor not come over when I needed to type instead of discuss the whole thing. She had been trying to help, though.
I just have a feeling March is going to be demanding at school.

5. Doctor's visit: Fallout from my September hospital extravaganza had me in pain for the last couple weeks, and the first available appointment was Thursday afternoon. It took longer for me to get there and park than for the specialist to see me, but one prescription and a couple free samples later, I'm already getting relief. I didn't realize how bad it was until I noticed the pain started to abate.

6. The Niece, who reports all the household news (and I mean all) to my parents, told my mom that she will be attending first grade in the Fall, and Middle Nephew will be going to kindergarten. Hallelujah. They're smart kiddos and need the structure--not to mention The Niece needs a friend or two her own age. The Niece will be on the older (probably oldest) end of her class, but I hear that's all the rage nowadays anyway. (Just as long as she's not beating anybody up.)

7. It rained all day today, but this weekend was warmer than it's been in a while. In fact, the heat's off in the apartment and I have a fan in the window, because it's around 73 degrees. I can hardly wait for a sunny day that's warm.
You know, so it's bright and airy while I continue the epic apartment-cleaning.

8. Lately, I have been really tempted to try online dating again. Do I need to be talked out of that?


Ever Been Locked Out?

The phrase "Locked Out" reminds me of a Crowded House song. (Aside: Hey! They had a new album last year! How did I miss that? Did the public radio station hate it or something?)

And Seraphic's post about being (rather distressingly) locked out of the house the other day reminded me of the last time the same thing happened to me.

It was at my previous apartment (way before the horrendous problem), and it was right before Thanksgiving, 2006. I had just started grad school that September, and the end of the November was a crazy week because the quarter was getting close to ending, which meant I had assignments to finish. Because I was going full time, I had three courses on my schedule, and I was working full time while I attended school online in secret.

On top of that, after over a year of drama with my brother and (now) SIL, they were getting married the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure I also had to make a run to the dermatologist's office because when I mentioned to my mom that my back still itched after post-mole-removal stitches had been taken out, she looked and discovered that they in fact had not been taken out properly. As in some were still embedded there. (I'm still annoyed to this day about how bad the scar is.)

Why I had needed to carry so much at once, I don't recall--I think I might have been attempting a "dress rehearsal" at my parents' as a nervous first-time bridesmaid. I remember hauling out my dress, shoes, hot rollers, purse, probably even some schoolwork. . . and then realizing right after I slammed the door shut that my keys were not in my hand.

Fortunately, because my purse had made it out the door, I had my cell phone, and the on-site manager's phone number programmed into my phone. It took a couple tries, but finally she picked up and came over from the other building with a key. Naturally, I was rather embarrassed and apologetic, but she didn't mind. I think managers get pretty used to tenants' getting locked out.

That was the last time I locked myself out of my home. However, yesterday morning I almost left the building without my schoolbag.

Even worse, a couple Saturdays ago, I got to my parents' and realized I had driven there without my purse--again, carrying too many other things.

But I never, ever forget my keys anymore!

When was the last time you were locked out?