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Family Stuff, Old Creep-Os, and People Who Aren't So Awful

Had the option to work today to cover someone on vacation at the library, but I needed a day to make various phone calls, catch up the checkbook and pay bills.  Last week I worked Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. (Saturday was a regularly scheduled workday.)  Plus it's my dad's birthday today, and I needed to make sure his present worked (with many AA batteries! I will give you a hint: it's on this page) before I bring it to dinner tonight. 

He requested dinner out at this little bar/restaurant down the street from my parents' --it's, um, an interesting place.  My 86yo neighbor lady likes to go there for drinks so already that tells me something.  And we had a strange experience there the weekend after Thanksgiving which somehow I managed to block out (it was a bad few days involving YS in the hospital and my aunt's Welcome to the Spinster Club phone call) but it involved the servers' pronunciation of "gnocchi" as "ganache"--wh…

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